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There is no generally accepted definition of a virtual event. Some say it is a live broadcast from a stage or studio, with the audience at home on their computers or watching tv. Others say it is like a webinar and much more similar to a video conference.

We believe that a virtual event should be truly virtual: virtual venue, virtual sets, virtual participation and the usage of all technologies and possibilities that come with a virtual solution.


Did recent events slow down your clients’ and your ability to communicate? Now is the time to find ways and means to share your message and to stay connected. Now is exactly the time NOT to stop communicating.

Rather than putting an end to your communication, a virtual event platform allows you to send a strong message out: “We are here! We are with you! We care about you!”

Will virtual events ever replace actual events? Most certainly not. Will virtual events be useful at certain times and under certain circumstances? You bet.

The biggest benefit is that virtual events do not depend on anyone traveling or leaving their homes or offices. Anyone, anywhere, can participate.

Your venue, set and messages are digital and virtual. This means they can change at the press of a button.

Changing the theme, topic, product, or setup has never been easier.

Virtual events are more efficient. No travel time for speakers, attendees. They also cost less.

Cost saving. Practically everything used at a virtual event would usually be required at an on site event. Virtual events allow you to do away with a lot of expensive requirements. But with virtual events, you no longer need a venue, set building, permits, print materials, fitout and so on.

High levels of sustainability - no waste of resources for building materials, to run generators or to fly people around the world.

Additional materials, information, access to libraries and forums can be provided in real time, while the event is happening.

You can continue using all the resources and materials you plan to present. Presentations, graphics, images and video material can be embedded seamlessly. The virtual set allows you to “broadcast” as many camera perspectives as necessary, and more.

Unlike other solutions, our virtual event concept is entirely based on remote production and technology.
Not only do the audience, talent and on-stage protagonists contribute from the safety of their homes, but the entire technical crew, management and operations team do as well.



The limit of what’s possible is… Your mind. If you can think it, we can make it come off the page into the virtual realm. It doesn’t make a difference if you virtually replicate an event setup along corporate guidelines or if you create an environment that is far beyond what can be physically built. There are no boundaries.

The setting of your virtual stage is not static, it is a living object. The setup can change for each segment of your event, always perfectly matching the requirement of the moment. 

Speakers can present their materials in the same way as they would do on stage.


Moderation, interviews, panel discussion, video playback or product showcases – each segment has its own unique template that can be accessed anytime in real time.

Here are a few samples from small, intimate scenario, to an limitless fantasy environment.

Interested in learning more about the possibilities?


Do you have an event lined up that cannot be held because of the actual circumstances?

Give us a shout! Let’s start a conversation. Let’s evaluate the possibilities and the feasibility to fulfil your requirements.


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